Announcing OctConf 2018 at CERN, March 12-15

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Announcing OctConf 2018 at CERN, March 12-15

John W. Eaton
The Octave conference for 2018 [1] will once again be held at CERN [2],
near Geneva, Switzerland, from March 12 until March 15.

This four day event brings together many of Octave and Octave Forge
developers, as well as members from the community.  It is the ideal
place to meet other Octave developers and users, to get help, and show
Octave projects.

We are still working out the details of the program but there will be
one day dedicated to workshops and coding projects, and another for an
unconference.  If there is a topic you would like to have discussed, or
a workshop on a specific topic, please contact us.

While registration is free, there is a limited number of spaces.  Please
register at the CERN's OctConf page [3]