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Basic syntax errors

On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 1:11 PM, Mphumzi Tshentu <[hidden email]> wrote:
Good day

I tried to write a time and date from 2002, I don't seem to get it right, the system is saying syntax error.

octave-3.2.4.exe:1> t0=(clock(09:27:35),17-Feb-02

parse error:


  syntax error

I tried different ways to write this and I don't get it right. Please can you help me?

1. you have unbalanced parentheses.  the first (  is never closed with a )

2. we have no idea what you're trying to accomplish.  the clock function does not take any arguments. try typing:

3. please don't just reply to the digest. reply to the help list with a more specific email subject line so we can keep track of the conversation.

help clock

to learn what that function does.  Maybe if you tell us what you're trying to put into t0 and we can help you do it.

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