[Feature Request] [nurbs] IGES Export - Configure Units (mm instead of m)

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[Feature Request] [nurbs] IGES Export - Configure Units (mm instead of m)

Adam Hirst
To whom it may concern,

I've been using the nurbs package for Octave for some time. It's a great
package, providing a convenient and powerful set of tools, which is also
readily portable with MATLAB users of the NURBS Toolbox. However, there
is one implementation detail which has me confused, and it's this I'd
like to mention here.

This package has the ability to export (and I believe also import,
though I don't use this) to IGES files. I use this as an intermediary
between my own code and CAD tools (with which I create models to verify
simulations). If I recall correctly, the interface is very similar
(though not identical) to one available for MATLAB, "NrbsSrf2IGES",
which colleagues and I have used. But with one difference: IGES files
from "NrbsSrf2IGES" use millimetres, but from here they use metres.

I assume this stems from the fact that, as far as I can tell, the
primary developers do something related to geophysics, which obviously
warrants a different scale to most engineering components. Nonetheless,
it would be nice if there were some way to configure this - as far as I
can tell, this isn't possible here. Manually editing the IGES files is
fiddly due to the awkwardness of the format, and I'd rather avoid having
to introduce conditional rescaling of my objects (either prior to
Export, or in my CAD scripts) if at all possible.

Is this an appropriate place to raise this concern? I spoke (admittedly
some time ago) about this on #octave (Freenode) and was recommended to
ask "the mailing list", which I'm finally getting around to now.

I very much look forward to your replies.

Best regards,

Adam Hirst, MPhys (Dunelm)

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