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GSoC 2018 - information

Pietro Crociani
Hello everyone,

I' am Pietro Crociani a master's student in Mathematical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.
I' am interested in free software and I have used Octave in my academical career.

Up to now I have never started a serious commitment in any open source project and I would like to try doing something now.
As a part of this process my eventual desire is to be able to take part in the next GSoC.

I know that it's a bit early but, do you already have an idea of which project are you going to propose?
Do you have any suggestion on how to prepare myself?
How can I start working on something now?


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Re: GSoC 2018 - information

Nir Krakauer-3
Dear Pietro,

It's never too early! The wiki page [1] has general suggestions for getting started and a list of potential topics. The topics need to be updated for next year, but if you see a project that interests you, you can contact the listed mentors or this mailing list to find out the current status and how you can get involved.