GSoc2017 - Special Functions

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GSoc2017 - Special Functions

Michele Ginesi
Dear all,
I'm Michele Ginesi and I'm a student at the Master Degree in Applied
Mathematics in Verona.
I would like to give my contribution to Octave by working at the project
"Make specfuns special again" during GSoC2017.
During the Bachelor Degree and this first part of the Master Degree I
studied Numerical Approximation Theory and started using Octave in
different courses. Moreover I went deeper in some specific topics for
sheer personal interest.
I've already contributed to this project rewriting expint (see [1]) and
trying to make a patch for gammainc to use the codes wrote by Nir and
Marco (see [2]). I've also started working on gammaincinv (see [3]).
Don't hesitate neither to ask me anything about my background nor to
suggest me anything that you retain useful.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Michele Ginesi