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Introduction from Andrew Janke

Hi, folks,

I thought I should introduce myself since I've been hanging around here

My name is Andrew Janke. I've been a commercial Matlab developer for 10+
years. I'm interested in Octave as an alternative to Matlab for some of
our processing at work, or at least to use as a Matlab-compatible
environment on more machines than my Matlab license allows me to install
Matlab on.

I'm a big Mac user, and a former Mac Homebrew core maintainer. I also
use Windows and Linux extensively at work.

I discovered Sebastian Schoeps' Mac DMG Octave installer while I was
looking for a way to install a Qt GUI-enabled Octave on Mac, and have
teamed up with him to help maintain that installer as the ""

I have a couple open source Matlab projects, though I don't know how
much of interest they would be for Octave users, since most of them rely
on Java interop functionality that does not currently work in Octave.