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Invalid value = characters

Joseph Malkoun
Hi all,

I am using Octave (the Homebrew installed version with the option --with-qt) ver 4.4.1_1 on MacOS, High Sierra.
I would like to determine what is the screen resolution in characters, using Octave commands. 
One way to do this, which works in Matlab, is to first set the units of the graphics root to characters, and then display the screen resolution.
However, when I input


Octave returns:

error: invalid value = characters

Is this a known bug? Is there another way to transform the screen resolution to characters, that I could use as a temporary solution for now?
I guess I can create a figure of some specified width and height in pixels, 
then set the figure units to characters (which works), and then get its width and height in characters. 
Can someone think of an easier solution please?