Invalid value for array property "cdata"

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Invalid value for array property "cdata"

Joseph Malkoun
Hi all,

Here is an issue I am facing, using the Homebrew installed version of octave 4.4.1_1, installed using

brew install octave --with-qt

When I input the following in Octave,

myfigure = figure()
myuicontrol = uicontrol("parent",myfigure,"cdata",myimage,"style","pushbutton")

I get the following error message:

error: invalid value for array property "cdata"
error: __go_uicontrol__: unable to create graphics handle
error: called from
    uicontrol at line 109 column 8

I have seen a similar error message in the reported bugs, namely in

but the situation is not the same, and the solution does not apply.

Perhaps, I am not using the uicontrol command properly. What should the cdata input be?

I am running MacOS High Sierra. I am attaching the floppy.png file too, in case someone would like to test.

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Re: Invalid value for array property "cdata"

Octave erroneously rejects CData of type "uint8". I don't see an error if I
convert to double first:
myuicontrol =

Could you please file a bug report on savannah?

Unfortunately, it doesn't use the image on the pushbutton for me on Windows
with Octave 4.4.1. But that seems to be already implemented for Octave 5.0:


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