Is octave.jar part of the public Octave API?

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Is octave.jar part of the public Octave API?

Hi, Octave maintainers,

Are the Java classes in octave.jar (in the org.octave Java package) part
of the public API of Octave? That is, can Octave users call them, and
expect them to work, and not change between Octave releases?

I'm asking because I'd like to take a stab at this FIXME in

     ## FIXME: Function prototype accepts java obj, but doesn't work if obj
     ##        is e.g., java.lang.String.  Convert obj to classname then.
       mtds_str = javaMethod ("getMethods", "org.octave.ClassHelper", obj);
       obj = class (obj);
       mtds_str = javaMethod ("getMethods", "org.octave.ClassHelper", obj);
     mtds_list = strsplit (mtds_str, ';');

And a proper fix will probably require some minor changes to method
names and signatures in org.octave.ClassHelper.

If they're not public API, maybe they should be in the package
"org.octave.internal" to indicate that?