Issues installing signal package

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Issues installing signal package

Hi everyone, I'm new using Octave and Fedora and I'm currently trying to
install the signal package with:
>> pkg install -forge signal
but then Iget this error:

error: the following dependencies were unsatisfied:
   signal needs control >= 2.4.5

I read online that I should type it like:
>> pkg install -forge control signal

But I get another error:

pkg: unable to find the mkoctfile command, Octave installation is incomplete
error: called from
    __gripe_missing_component__ at line 53 column 3
    configure_make at line 40 column 7
    install at line 192 column 7
    pkg at line 394 column 9

I haven't been able to find the solutions yet so if anyone knows how to
solve it please help!

I use Fedora 27 and Octave 4.2.2, installed via Terminal.

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