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Looking for volunteers

John Eaton-4
I am looking for people interested in testing pre-release versions of

Binary distributions of the pre-release snapshots won't be available,
so you will need to be able to build Octave from sources.

It will be helpful to have some hardware and operating system
combination other than the following

  DECstation Ultrix 4.2a
  SPARCstation SunOS 4.1.2
  RS/6000 AIX 3.2.5
  DEC Alpha OSF/1 1.3

because I already have convenient access to these.

It will also eventually be helpful if you can install DejaGNU to run
the Octave tests, but that is not really important now because there
aren't very many tests anyway.  (Of course, any help writing new or
better tests would be greatly appreciated... :-)

For more info, please contact [hidden email].



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Re: Looking for volunteers

U-E59264-Osman Buyukisik
Hi John,
 I have an HP710 with HPUX9.03 32MB ram. I have built version 1.0 and
seems to be working ok. I could time permitting do some tests. I dont
have DejaGNU. I will check it out to see if I can install it.


-  Osman F. Buyukisik
-  Senior Engineer, Mechanical Analysis C/A
-  GE Aircraft Engines
-  One Neumann Way, MD E171
-  Cincinnati, OH 45215
-  Tel: 513-243-4282  Fax:513-786-1171
-  Email: [hidden email]