[MXE] Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V/Ctrl-X in GUI editor & terminal built with Qt5

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[MXE] Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V/Ctrl-X in GUI editor & terminal built with Qt5

Philip Nienhuis
While doing some investigation for bug #50843 on Windows 10, I again hit the issue that the GUI editor in Qt5 builds (at least for Windows) doesn't recognize Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X nor Ctrl-V.
Right-clicking in the GUI editor only shows a greyed-out "Paste".
Furthermore, in the terminal pane only Ctrl-C seems to work fine for copying. Ctrl-V (paste) has no effect (tested with text copied between Notepad++ and Octave). Right-click in the terminal pane does show a clickable "Paste" and that works fine.
The relevant key bindings are set to Ctrl-C (copy), Ctrl-V (paste) (both global) and Ctrl-X (cut; only in editior)

IIRC I read about this issue before but can't find a related bug report.
I saw bug #49571 but that is OSX-specific.

My build box (Mageia-5) only has qt4 installed so I can't test easily on Linux.

Should I file a new bug report? or is there an existing one?