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OF package maintainers: online duplicate checker available

Olaf Till-2
Dear package maintainers,

a web interface is now available to check for duplicate symbols over
Octave Forge packages and Octave. It is accessed with the frontend
function 'check_duplicates()' of the recent generate_html package
(version 0.2.0). Note that some duplications correspond to intended

You are encouraged to check for inadvertent symbol duplications
introduced by your package before submitting a new release.

Duplications are checked among function names, class base names (not
class method names), and namespace names (not namespaced functions)
together. There are reasons even to avoid inadvertent clashes of
namespace names and class basenames.

To make the check able to consider class basenames and namespace
names, this information has to be available online for your
package. This needs the html docs of your package to be generated with
a recent version (>= 0.2.0) of generate_html. If you have classes
and/or namespaces in your package, you may consider re-generating and
re-submitting the html docs even before your next package
release. This will have the side effect of making your class methods
and namespaced functions visible in the online lists of functions at

To make generate_html-0.2.0 work with namespaced functions and with
new style classes, an INDEX file must be provided. Class methods, both
of old and new style classes, should be listed in INDEX like:


Namespaced functions should be listed in INDEX like:


(without a '+' before namespace).


public key id EAFE0591, e.g. on x-hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net

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