OctConf 2019 : Call for Location

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OctConf 2019 : Call for Location

After wrapping up a successful OctConf 2018 held at CERN in Geneva, we are
on the move...

We would like to visit a new host city for OctConf 2019 and are putting out
a call for help.  If your university or employer could provide even a
single room for our activities then we would like to get in touch with you.

The parameters for OctConf 2019 are

1) A location in Europe
2) A duration of 3 days
3) A developer-focused conference (probable attendance of < 30 persons)
4) A room, or conference area, with sufficient power outlets and WiFi

In order not to overwhelm the mailing list, please contact Rik
<[hidden email]>, John <[hidden email]>, or Carnë <[hidden email]>

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