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Octave on Odroid XU4


Lastly I got interested in Octave software. So far I was working on ver. 4.4
under Windows and 4.2.2 under Ubuntu with no problems I could not solve
However I tried to use Octave on the Odroid XU4 embedded computer with
Ubuntu 18.04. It installs just well with no errors. All functions seems to
work too except these related to graphics. As example I cannot use
"uicontrol", which worked just as well on computer.
As far as I know these graphic functions work only with qt and FLTK graphics
toolkits. The only available graphic toolkit I got in Octave on Odroid XU4

    >> available_graphics_toolkits
    ans =
      [1,1] = gnuplot

How can I make qt graphic toolkit available in Octave?


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