Octave's Javas Virtual Machine shows interessting error

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Octave's Javas Virtual Machine shows interessting error

Markus Lamprecht

Hey there,

I got a strange error in octave when trying to connect to a websocket.

Details of my problem can be found here:


[THIS IS NOT A DUBLICATE cause this problem just occurs in octave. It does not occurr if I run my file for example under native ubuntu with: java -jar test1.jar]

To test it and see the error yourself do the following:

In a terminal:

roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch

Then exectute the octave code:

javaaddpath(["/home/markus/Desktop","/test1.jar"]) #test1 #jrosbridge

obj = javaObject("main");


ros.connect(); #error!


topic.getName(); topic.getThrottleRate(); topic.getType();

message = obj.createMessage("{\"data\": \"hello, world!\"}");


The jar file can be generated of the attacehd file (this is basically the maven project).

The executable jar file is also inside the .tar.gz container

You just can use eclipse e.g. to generate a jar of it.

Thanks for your help :)

Greetings from the technical University of Darmstadt


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