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I think it is time to start item #12 and create a release candidate
4.3.90.  Things seem to be going fairly well, but we now need more
extensive testing of the candidate release.  Also, several of the bugs,
such as a truncated initial message in the Command Window, have been
resolved in the repository.  The fact that some users are still
experiencing it (Avinoam) or having trouble building (Tatsuro) may
disappear when a canonically-produced tar.gz file is available for building.

Item #12:

Verify build process and create release candidates

    Update version information in
        Octave version number and release date
        API version number
        shared library version numbers
    Verify 'make distcheck' passes
    Create release candidate
        'make dist'
        hg tag repository with release candidate ID
        For Windows, create installer Windows Installer
        Upload release candidate
        Announce release candidate to Octave-Maintainers, Octave-Help, on
web page
        Repeat release candidate cycle until clean