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Re: Any other tmp dir besides /usr/tmp ?

John Eaton-4
[hidden email] (Vinayak Dutt) wrote:

:          Is there anyway to specify different TMP directory besides
: /usr/tmp which is used for gnuplot? I have problems of insufficient
: disk space on the system tmp directory when I have large plot files.
:      Is is possible to use some environment variables like TMPDIR or
: some octave variable to specify the tmp directory to be used, or do
: I have to wait for next release of octave (which promises to do away with
: tmp files for data passing to gnuplot)?

I must have assumed that tmpnam() handled that automatically, but it
does not appear to.

Temporary files used for plotting will only go away if someone changes
gnuplot to accept commands and data in the same stream, or if Octave
is changed to use some other plotting program that doesn't require
temporary files.

Some time ago, I heard that gnuplot had been modified in this way, but
I have never seen the changes.

It may eventually be possible to use a different plotting package
directly from Octave, but that probably won't happen before 1.1.

Either way, the next release of Octave will pay attention to TMPDIR.