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Re: BIST tests for run.m

I changed the BIST tests slightly to more reliably remove the temporary
files (  "rmdir"
was being used which won't actually remove the directory if it has a file
in it.  Also, I was finding that the argument to rmdir was a variable
created in the unwind_protect block and so it might fail to be available in
the cleanup portion.

In addition, you have discovered a large bug in dir_in_loadpath.  It seems
that whenever the argument is an absolute path, the function just returns
the input argument.  This also affects file_in_loadpath.  For example,

octave:12> dir_in_loadpath ("/home")
ans = /home
octave:13> file_in_loadpath ("/home")
ans = /home

I will create a bug report for this.