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Francesco Faccio-2
Da: Mandar Deshpande <[hidden email]>
Inviato: giovedì 23 marzo 2017 14.47
A: Francesco Faccio
Oggetto: GSoC Neural Networks Project
Hello Sir,

I am Mandar Deshpande from VNIT, India.

I have 2+ years of experience working with neural networks and machine learning, and am very interested in the "Neural Networks package: Convolutional Neural Networks" project.
But am new to the open source community, so I don't know how to submit the bug fixes or patches for the GNU-Octave or any other project. I am trying to read about it, but not finding any suitable guidance.

So I wanted to know whether it would be acceptable if I do some preliminary coding of new functions to be included in the GNU-Octave project, instead of fixing bugs?

Thank You.

Mandar Deshpande

Hi Mandar,

please don't write me personal emails, but use the public mailing list.

Yes, previous contributions to Octave is one of the criteria by which applications are judged. Here you can find some tips on how to contribute to Octave [1].

Could you please provide me a timeline for the 2 midterms and final evaluation?

Thank you,