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Carnë Draug
On 8 March 2017 at 14:59, Adeel Ahmad <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi Carnë,
> I found your email hosted on your GitHub profile. I'm an applicant for GSoC
> 2017, and I want to get started on the "Improvements to N-dimensional image
> processing" project for Octave. Could you please let me know what a good
> starting point would be to start contributing? And, if possible, could you
> assign me with a qualification task?
> Furthermore, I took a computer vision course in my previous semester and
> implemented many well-known image processing algorithms showcased on my
> GitHub profile.
> Thank you.
> Adeel

Hi Adeel

Please do not email me privately, use the public mailing list.  That
will allow other maintainers to provide you help if I am unable to do
so.  It also means that you start interacting with the rest of the
community (useful) instead of only me (only barely useful).

I do not have any sort of test for anyone.  You would be evaluated on
your GSoC proposal and on any previous work that you have contributed
to Octave.  I won't provide you with things to do either, it is
important that are you able to find them on your own.  I will gladly,
via the mailing list or IRC, offer help on more specific questions on
how to solve a specific problem that you find.

I guess you already read the Summer of Code Project Ideas page [1] but
please read the section "Steps Towards a Successful Application".