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Oliver Heimlich

this is the best explanation that I could find. 2D plots help to visualize the data, because numbers in tables are very hard to understand and to be interpreted.

Gesendet: 20. April 2017 9:41 vorm.
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Betreff: Re: Octave 2D Plots


thank you for your response. This will help as a lot.

Can you just explain me, why its helpful to creat 2 D Plots or what exactly its means?
Lovely greets
Shagana Kugathasan

Oliver Heimlich <[hidden email]> schrieb am 19:26 Montag, 17.April 2017:

Am 17. April 2017 09:22:15 MESZ schrieb Shagana Kugathasan <[hidden email]>:

>Love programmers,We are students at the NGU in Germany and need to
>create a presentation about Octave 2D Plots. This involves creating,
>exporting and manipulating 2D plots. Unfortunately, we have no
>experience with the program and it would be very helpful for us if you
>could provide us step by step instructions so that we can deliver a
>good presentation on the subject.
>Lovely greets from Germany 
>Shagana Kugathasan


I'd suggest that you start with a recent version of octave (that is version greater or equal 4.x) and work through this part of the manual, which contains basic examples.


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