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Re: compiling octave with dynamically linked libraries

John Eaton-4
[hidden email] (Vinayak Dutt) wrote:

: I am trying to compile octave-1.1.1 with dynamic linking for the
: standard libraries (libF77/libc etc). To do that I just commented
: out the ld option -static from the Makeconf file. The octave binary
: compiles fine but then it seems that some functions from libm.a are
: not available: for example when I try to run the random number
: generator, rand(), I get function not defined error from octave.
: The setup is Sun SPARC 4.1.3 with gcc-2.6 and Sun F77 2.0 and octave
: is compiled *without* gnu dld support (ie, I have not added options
: --enable-dld and --enable-lite-kernel option to configure).

Did you find a solution to this problem?  I think it should work to
configure without --enable-dld and --enable-lit-kernel and link
without -static.  This is the way I normally build Octave on my
SPARCstation 2 with SunOS 4.1.2.