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Re: dsolve does not work in Symbolic

Colin Macdonald-2
On 21/01/17 09:01, Daniel Mårtensson wrote:
> I just want to say that dsolve does not work.
>>> dsolve()
> warning: the 'dsolve' function belongs to the symbolic package from
> Octave Forge but has not yet been implemented.
> But loading pkg load symbolic works and also syms x works too. The solve
> function works too.

Hi Daniel,

As I said in my other email, it does work, it just needs at least one
symbolic input.

But Octave's warning here is misleading ("not yet been implemented") so
I've proposed a patch [1] and CC'd the octave-maintainers mailing list.


With that patch, you would see something more helpful:

 >> dsolve
warning: 'dsolve' is a method of class 'sym'; it must be called
with a 'sym' argument (see 'help @sym/dsolve').