Regarding taking up a project on octave

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Regarding taking up a project on octave

Hello Everyone

I am a new contributor to GNU-octave. As an introductory project, I tried to implement the erase() function mentioned here :
With this, I would now like to dive in with a bigger project. I looked through the projects given here : , and found the project at number 7,
  • Move rand, eye, xpow, xdiv, etc., functions to the matrix classes.

worth working upon. If someone else has been already working on this, kindly let me know else, I would be highly obliged if anyone can help me in getting started with it and providing sufficient code pointers, IF this project can serve as a good start.
Some other project suggestions are welcomed as well.
I have sufficient knowledge of C , OOP in C++ and Python as well.

Thanks and  Regards 
Sahil Yadav 
(<batterylow> on IRC)