Updated 64-bit Windows installer for Octave 4.4.0

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Updated 64-bit Windows installer for Octave 4.4.0

John W. Eaton
The 64-bit Windows binaries of Octave 4.4.0 released last week were
mistakenly built without 64-bit indexing enabled.

An updated installer is now available by http or ftp from ftp.gnu.org.
The new file has the version number 4.4.0-w64_1:


Please use a mirror site if possible.  Info about the mirrors is here:


You may also use ftpmirror.gnu.org to select a mirror site automatically.

Updated 7z and zip files are also available.

NOTE that unless you need to create arrays with more than about 2
billion elements, this update won't make a difference for you, so it's
not essential for everyone to update.