Warnings for Cell Array Arguments to oct-file

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Warnings for Cell Array Arguments to oct-file

Robert Wilkerson
I tried sending the following to [hidden email], but never saw the
message go through (nor is it in the archives).  Attempting to send
again.  I apologize in advance if this leads to a double post...


I have built a .oct file/function which allows the caller to pass in
arguments which are cell arrays of character strings like so:

Result = ReadAndProcess(...
   {'A1.xml', 'A2.xml'},...
   {'C1.xml', 'C2.xml', 'C3.xml'});

My code compiles without error and produces the correct output when
executed.  However, during execution I'm getting a bunch of the
following warning messages:

warning: implicit conversion from matrix to sq_string

...with a line number that points to the above call as the problem.

Is there something incompatible about the syntax I am using for this
call?  I can't seem to find much online when searching for this warning

Thanks in advance,

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