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What is left to do?

Hi Oliver!

I just finished adding support for N-dimensional arrays to the
dot-function. This was the last function I had on my TODO-list and I
have now added support for N-dimensional arrays to all functions that I
think need it. There are a couple of things left to do:

1. The package documentation
I have not done any work on the package documentation yet. At minimal I
will have to remove some parts which states that the package does not
support N-dimensional arrays and add some parts which states it does. I
will most likely also add some examples on how to create and use
N-dimensional arrays. It would also be nice to have some more
interesting example using the new functionality, though I'm not sure
what that example would be.

2. Check function documentation
I have updated the documentation for all functions as I have been
working. Most likely I have missed some things though. I will try to do
some kind of automated search for parts that I have probably missed to

3. Tests of vectorization with ITF1788
As we have discussed previously adding support for testing vectorization
to the test library would be great. This would probably let us catch at
least some bugs I have (most likely) introduced.

4. Add support for linspace and mince
As mentioned before the standard linspace does not support more than
vectors. We can however add support for this for intervals.

Is there anything more you think is left to do?