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Wording about oct files

Robert Funnell
At the beginning of the page
it says 'Oct-files are pieces of C++ code that have been compiled with
the Octave API into a dynamically loadable object.'

When I first read this, I understood that the .oct file contains C++
code. After reading further, I understand that the .oct file contains
the result of compiling the code, not the code itself, and that the
code doesn't have to be C++ but can also be C or Fortran.

Would it not be better to say 'Oct files contain dynamically loadable
objects that result from compiling C++, C or Fortran code with the
Octave API'?

The second sentence says 'They take their name from the file which
contains the object which has the extension .oct.' This might be a bit
easier to read as 'They take their name from the file that contains
the object, which has the extension .oct.' It might suffice to just
say 'The file extension is .oct.'

- Robert