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Darrel Hankerson-2
This must be a known problem:

   error: bus error -- stopping myself...

on examples such as rand(3,2) or inv(a). Any help for this octave-newbie
would be appreciated. My (wild) guess is that it is connected with the
following change made in compiling f2c:

        Some machines may have sizeof(int) == 4 and
        sizeof(long long) == 8.  On such machines, adjust f2c.h
        by changing "long int " to "long long ", e.g., by saying
                mv f2c.h f2c.h0
                sed 's/long int /long long /' f2c.h0 >f2c.h
        One can enable INTEGER*8 on such machines as described
        above, but with  typedef long long longint;

Configuration: Sun Sparc-20, Solaris 2.3, gcc-2.6.3, libg++-2.6.2,

I have not yet received acknowledgment that I am on the list, so perhaps
you could copy any replies to:

--Darrel Hankerson [hidden email]