command suggestion feature: Phase one conclusion

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command suggestion feature: Phase one conclusion

Sudeepam Pandey
Hello to the members of the community. This[1] is the work that has been done on the command suggestion feature so far and this[2] is the latest blog post that describes the progress. Currently, the command line suggestion feature works for the identifiers of core octave and 40 octave-forge packages. These are the forge packages that are supported.

>bim    >fpl    >bsltl    >tisean    >octclip    >strings    >quaternion
>msh    >stk    >optim    >signal    >control    >doctest    >geometry    
>cgi    >ga     >nurbs    >divand    >windows    >sockets    >dataframe   
>mvn    >io     >optics   >mapping   >splines    >symbolic   >financial   
>nan    >image  >struct   >general   >queuing    >parallel   >statistics
>instrument-control >generate_html >econometrics >data-smoothing >optiminterp

Graphic properties have to be added. Documentation and testing remains and the code may be have some subtle bugs which requires fixing. We are well ahead of the schedule and all this would surely be done in the subsequent coding phases.


Thank you,