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John Utz-3
Hi gang!

        Given the sophistication of some of the sinc.m's i received
today, the tidbit i am about to offer up may wind up being the octave
equivalent of boiled water .... so bare with me and send me mail if you
all did this already :-)

        I just finished up writing an m file for convolution. As I have
not looked at how anybody else has done it ( meaning, I did not copy the
matlab one! ). I would be happy to make it available.

        The algorithm is frankly, wretched, ( i have not puzzled out the
growth rate yet other then to look at the algorithm  and say to my self:
 " yup, that is pretty bad! ") but it has the advantage of operating in
the manner that most people seem to use to think about convolution when
forced to work it out by hand.

        So let me know if I have just reinvented the wheel!


 John Utz [hidden email]
        idiocy is the impulse function in the convolution of life