failing to link liboctdld.a

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failing to link liboctdld.a

Jeppe Sigbrandt

I configured octave using
        configure --enable-dld --enable-lite-kernel
and installed octave using
        make CXXFLAGS=-O2 CFLAGS=-O2 FFLAGS=-O LDFLAGS= > compile_messages
        make CXXFLAGS=-O2 CFLAGS=-O2 FFLAGS=-O LDFLAGS= install > install_messages

Have tried this several times (using LDFLAGS=-s too) and in each case
I get errors about failing to link liboctdld.a as in e.g. below:

octave:48> max
error: failed to link library /usr/local/lib/liboctdld.a
error: unable to load builtin function max
error: evaluating expression near line 48, column 1
octave:49> which max
max is a builtin function

Other info
gcc --version
make --version
GNU Make version 3.72.1

Compiling without modifying flags (i.e. -g -O) works fine !!, but leaves
me with an 8 Mb binary.  Stripping this gives error linking as above.
The binary distribution I'm using was made without DLD support.


ps:  thanks to John & Ted for helping me with previous problems.
pps: if this sounds like a bug I can re-submit using appropriate form