loadlibrary and calllib again?

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loadlibrary and calllib again?

Recently tried porting some Matlab code calling an external dll (for REFPROP, if anyone's curious), and discovered library load support isn't implemented. Found a few discussions about it from 2010-2014 [1,2], and one of the issues was that MATLAB compatibly library calls would require a classdef implementation that didn't exist yet, making it a formidable project, too much for GSOC, etc. There was an attempted implementation that hasn't been touched since 2013. [3]

Since classdef has been (at least somewhat [4]) implemented since 4.0, I'm just wondering if the argument has changed at all. Not at all familiar with the details, are any of the current classdef limits still roadblocks to a loadlibrary function? 

Would that bitbucket code still be a viable starting point or is it not a compatible approach with octave's current state? Is it at the point where it would make sense to put together a description in the projects page or even on the GSOC suggested projects list?