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Hi all,

Moving towards a new release of geometry I bumped into an error
generated by the doctest option in the maintainers' Makefile.

I had to do the following change

-         --eval "targets = '$(shell (ls inst; ls src | grep .oct) |
cut -f2 -d@ | cut -f1 -d.)';" \
+         --eval "[~, targets] = system('(ls -R inst | grep \".m$$\";
ls src | grep \".oct$$\") | cut -f2 -d@ | cut -f1 -d.');" \

to make it subfolder aware, and now the code is purely octave's not
relying on the Makefile replacement. I assume this is better, but
maybe you can enlighten me.

Comments are welcomed.

Also doctest reports an error in an .oct file, but if I execute the
same command from within and octave prompt the error doesn't occur.
That is

'make doctest'

prints out


    Function or class not found.


   PASS    0/0

0/1 targets passed, 0 without tests, 1 with extraction errors.


'make run'
'octave> pkg load doctest; doctest("polybool_mrf")'

prints out
Doctest v0.5.0: this is Free Software without warranty, see source.

polybool_mrf ........................................... NO TESTS


   PASS    0/0

1/1 targets passed, 1 without tests.

Does anybody know if this is a bug or just another hole in my understanding?

JuanPi Carbajal
Public GnuPG key: 9C5B72BF
"Why is thought, being a secretion of the brain, more wonderful than
gravity, a property of matter?"
- C. Darwin