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plotyy individual coloring

Hello a question to plotyy
I have a measurement of speed Y-axis 1 and direction y-axis 2 for a certain time X1 and a model output of speed Y-axis 1 and direction Y-axis 2  for a given time X2.
My solution is:
[Ax,h1,h2]= plotyy ([time_Measure, time_Model], [speed_Measure,speed_Model], [time_Measure, time_Model],[dir_Measure,dir_Model]
Ist works for the axis, however I’am struggeling with the color and legend of the plot itself.

 How can I allocate that the pair “time_Measure, speed_Measure and dir_Measure” belonging to the same color and legend, and the pair “time_Model, speed_Model and dir_Model” belonging together to a the same but in repect the measurement different color and legend?
Or in other word, I want to have:

time_Measure, speed_Measure and dir_Measure”  graph in red and stars legend:Measurement
time_Model, speed_Model and dir_Model” graph in blue  and triangles  legend:Model

thank you in advanced