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warning during control installation

Doug Stewart-4

I am trying to reduce the number of warnings during the installation of the control pkg.

Her is one of the warnings:


In file included from __control_slicot_functions__.cc:48:0:

sl_mb05nd.cc:96:38: warning: ‘f77_exception_encountered’ is deprecated: [4.4]: this variable is obsolete and should not be needed [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

if (f77_exception_encountered)


In file included from common.h:31:0,

from sl_ab08nd.cc:31,

from __control_slicot_functions__.cc:1:

/usr/local/include/octave-4.3.0+/octave/../octave/f77-fcn.h:49:18: note: declared here

static const int f77_exception_encountered = 0;


In /usr/local/include/octave-4.3.0+/octave/../octave/f77-fcn.h:49:18:

I see:


OCTAVE_DEPRECATED (4.4, "this variable is obsolete and should not be needed")

static const int f77_exception_encountered = 0;


and in sl_mb05nd.cc:96:38

I see:


// SLICOT routine MB05ND

F77_XFCN (mb05nd, MB05ND,

(n, delta,

a.fortran_vec (), lda,

ex.fortran_vec (), ldex,

exint.fortran_vec (), ldexin,



dwork, ldwork,


if (f77_exception_encountered)

error ("__sl_mb05nd__: exception in SLICOT subroutine MB05ND");


Is there some other way to catch the exception or do we just remove these last 2 lines.


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