64-bit Octave: lex.cc fails to compile

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64-bit Octave: lex.cc fails to compile

Aakash S Dalwani
Respected Sir,
   While trying to compile 64-bit Octave, lex.cc fails to compile, hence
make fails. Compilation was tried using the intel compilers & then using
gcc (3.4.3).

   The target system: Itanium 64-bit machines running Red Hat Enterprise
Linux release 3.

   I have attached the error messages I get on using the respective

Description of attached files:

1) errors_icc: Error messages while using icc & ifort

2) errors_gcc: Error messages while using gcc & g77 (version 3.4.3)

   Has anyone else faced the same problem? Can anyone please suggest a
workaround preferably fot the intel compilers? Any help will be highly
appreciated, if you need more information please let me know.

Thanking you,

errors_gcc.txt (5K) Download Attachment
errors_icc.txt (5K) Download Attachment