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ANNOUNCE: funcplot function family plotter

Craig Earls-2
I have uploaded to [hidden email] a new function that
allows you to easily plot a family of curves on the same X11 window.

the syntax is:


somename is evaluated for each element of FamilyValVector at each
coordinate specified in XvalVector. The results are plotted to an X11
window using GNUplot, the data is returned in a.

Additionally the guts of this routine are contained ina c++ function
that will simply return the data asked for, the xvals, and familyvals,
can be real or complex, but must be a row or column vector. Every
argument after XvalVector is optional, i.e.


will plot a sine wave, the named function must return a real or complex
value, not a matrix or vector.
Craig P Earls      [hidden email]
LT US Navy, MIT Ocean Engineering      [hidden email]