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Announce: 'Edit' command for Octave

Craig Earls-2
I have just uploaded dropin replacements for and help.h in the
octave src tree. They add a command to invoke your favorite editor on
user compiled functions, syntax:

Octave> edit foo1 foo2 foo3

The editor named in built-in variable EDITOR is called on each function.
If you have XEmacs and gnuserve set up:

Octave> EDITOR="gnuclient -q"
Octave> edit foo1 foo2 ...

will open a new XEmacs frame on each function ready for you to edit. You
do not need to specify a path, Octave will find it for you.

You can only use this by retrieving the Octave 2.0.5 source tree (or a
patched version) and replacing and help.h with the attached
files (you must rename them to and help .h)  Help information is
built-in just type 'help edit'.

Comments are always welcome.

[The source was posted to octave-sources, and it's available from the
mailing list archive at

Craig P Earls      [hidden email]
LT US Navy, MIT Ocean Engineering      [hidden email]