Application for a student internship in GSOC 2020.

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Application for a student internship in GSOC 2020.

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               I am glad that I could reach you. It is an honour for me to write to you. I am BTech. first year student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering course  at The Vellore Institute Of Technology, Chennai, India. It has always been a dream for me to work in an open source environment and I have been working hard for it. I think now the time has come to introduce myself at this level. Based on the projects that you are offering, I consider myself eligible to join your coding team. I am attaching the kind-of-resume document along with this mail so that you get a clear idea of my capabilities and interest.

               Thank you for your time. I’ll wait for a positive reply.


Shivam Baranwal

SHIVAM BARANWAL RESUME(1).docx (28K) Download Attachment