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Bug imagesc in Octave

Patrick Scholl
Dear Octave team,

thanks for providing such a nice program.
I am quite familiar with Matlab and some months ago I switched to Octave.

I just found one minor bug in the new Octave version. When I updated to Octave, one of my programs than was running in earlier Octave versions had a problem with the scaling of one of my pictures in a GUI.

The code I used was:

graphics_toolkit qt

clear h

graphics_toolkit qt



set(gca,'units','normalized','position',[0 0 1 1]);
set(gcf,'units','pixels','position',[600, 20, 1200, 1300]);

Therefore, the figure was not scaling to the new image dimensions. I could resolve the problem by adding a minor pause after the imagesc command:


Best regards

Patrick Scholl


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