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Convert Matlab to Octave

Martin R. Andersen
Hi all,

I'm currently trying to convert a Matlab script into running in Octave, but I'm having some problems regarding executing an external program.
The code I want to convert and the state I'm at now is as follows:

Matlab code:
!"D:/ANSYS Inc/v195/CFX/bin/cfx5solve.exe" -def CFX.def -ccl Simulation.ccl

Curernt Octave code:
system('"D:/ANSYS Inc/v195/CFX/bin/cfx5solve.exe" -def CFX.def -ccl Simulation.ccl');

The error I get when trying to run the Octave code is a syntax error, related to " ' " or "©".
Is this approach of executing an external program, in Octave, an old approach or am I just doing it wrong?

Error associated with the problem
parse error near line 15 of file P:\Octave_test\Test\Octave_Test.m

syntax error

>>> system(©"D:/ANSYS Inc/v195/CFX/bin/cfx5solve.exe" -def "P:/Octave_test/Test/CFX.def" -ccl "P:/Octave_test/Test/Simulation.ccl"©);