Creation of specific menubar

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Creation of specific menubar

Vincent GODOT

I use OCTAVE 4.2.2 on Linux

This is the beginning of the script of my HMI :

% Récupération des dimensions de l'écran

dim_ecran = get(0,'screensize');

% Création de la fenêtre principale

nom_fig = 'Boite à outils mesures et contrôle final';
fig_main_mes_ctrlf = figure(1);

var_glob.fig_main_mes_ctrlf = fig_main_mes_ctrlf;

% Nettoyage de la figure


% Customisation de la figure pour l'IHM

set(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'name',nom_fig,'color',[0.7 0.7 0.7]);
set(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'position',[dim_ecran(3)*0.72 dim_ecran(4)*0.8 dim_ecran(3)*0.25 dim_ecran(4)*0.15]);
%                     Menu principal

commun = uimenu(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'Label',' Commun ');
mesures = uimenu(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'Label',' Mesures ');
ctrlf = uimenu(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'Label',' Ctrlf');
aide_menu = uimenu(fig_main_mes_ctrlf,'Label',' ? ');

Without the following command line :


I obtain the result presented in figure_1.png file attached

When I use the command line :


I obtain the result presented in figure_2.png file attached

I do not know how to do to see the menus "Commun", "Mesures", "Ctrlf" and "?"

Could you give me a solution ?

Thank you in advance for your help


Vincent GODOT

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Re: Creation of specific menubar

A 21. Dezember 2019 um 15:55 Uhr schrieb "Vincent GODOT":
> Hello,

> I use OCTAVE 4.2.2 on Linux

Octave 4.2.2 is old. This work as expected with Octave 5.1.
Can you update to a newer version?