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E Equational Theorem Prover version 0.2 for download

Stephan Schulz-4
The E Equational Theorem Prover

E is a a purely equational theorem prover for clausal logic. That
means it is a program that you can stuff a mathematical specification
(in clausal logic with equality) and a hypothesis into, and which will
then run forever, using up all of your machines resources. Very
occasionally it will find a proof for the hypothesis and tell you so

E is available as a source distribution for UNIX-variants. It installs
cleanly under all UNIX variants I could get my hands on: Various
versions of GNU/Linux/Intel and GNU/Linux/SPARC, SunOS, Solaris and HPUX.

If this already sounds exiting to you, go download your version from

If not, consider the following points:

1) Won't cause a new desktop war. The program is extremely useless to
   most end users.
2) Impress your Comp. Sci. Prof!
3) High Hack Value!

E is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Have fun!


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