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FEniCS and Octave

Hi, Octave folks,

Are any of y'all familiar enough with FEniCS use in Octave (particularly
with the fem-fenics or msh Octave Forge packages) to tell me a bit about
how large its user base is (especially on Mac), and what would make for
a good Octave-oriented distribution of FEniCS?

I'm deciding whether to bundle FEniCS and its dependencies with the
Octave.app distribution (http://octave-app.org/) so fem-fenics, msh, and
other things that require FEniCS work out of the box, without users
having to install their dependencies separately.

Installing FEniCS on Mac seems to be somewhat difficult, so this would
be a service to any Mac Octave + FEniCS users. On the other hand, that
also means it would be significant work for me, so I don't want to do it
if it wouldn't actually benefit anyone.