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Daniel Sebald
You may need to install the "developer" versions of packages.  In the
list of packages, look near the original package and there is typically
a "devel" additional package.


On 4/11/20 5:34 PM, Krishna Chandhok wrote:

> Hello
> There's an error while installing octave-fltk-0.7.1. I have already
> installed libtool
> I am using octave 5.2.0.
> I have attached the required file with it.
> Please help me in fixing this issue
> Thanks and Regards
> Krishna Chandhok
> On Sun, Apr 12, 2020, 12:56 AM Krishna Chandhok
> <[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>> wrote:
>     Hello Sir,
>     I am getting a warning "Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap
>     /usr/share/themes/Kali-Dark/gtk-2.0/assets/trough-scrollbar-horiz.png,borders
>     don't fit within the image(octave-gui:15675)" while simulating an
>     electrical model.Please help in fixing this issue.
>     Thanks &┬áRegards,
>     Krishna Chandhok.