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Fwd/Re: object2json in octave package "io"

Hi Ketan,

Ketan Patel wrote:
> Hello Philip,
> I'm looking at the `object2json` function in the `io` package and it
> needs work.   If you are interested in upgrading it, I have a more
> complete alternative (`toJSON.m`) as well as a matching fast, json
> reader (`fromJSON.m`).

In dev Octave we now have jsonencode and jsondecode functions which
AFAICS are superior to object2json.
I'll keep object2json in the io package fora while, to cater for users
who have older Octave versions.

In the mean time if you have JSON encode/decode functions that are
better than what is now in io I'm interested.
* Don't use the names jsonencode and jsondecode.
* Be sure they're no depending on external libreries, just native Octave
* At some time in the future the JSON functions in the io package will
be deprecated. But that could take a few years ...
* I'm not going to maintain them, that's up to you as author and maybe
other volunteers. As package maintainer I'm just the first to make sure
the package works, its functions have adequate documentation and no
severe bugs.

On another note:
*Please do not email maintainers directly* [1], just upload your
functions to the patch tracker, from there I and possibly other
contributors/developers will look at them.



[1] It's no capital crime :-) Rather, Octave is an open and transparent
project and private emails hamper other people from contributing
effectively. So, email to the help list, maybe the maintainer list, if
possible post at the Octave forums at Discourse.