[GSoC 2021] Idea Discussion of Integrating Jupyter Notebook with Octave

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[GSoC 2021] Idea Discussion of Integrating Jupyter Notebook with Octave

On 4/6/21 3:54 PM, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hello Sir,
>         This is Suhas Patlolla. I am working with Octave for last few months for running Machine Learning Algorithms. So, I have seen the Suggested Projects in the Website. So, I am really want to work with the Project - Jupyter Notebook Integration. I have Some idea in implementing this and My approach goes like this,
> -->Write  a code in octave
> -->Convert to jupyter executable file
> -->Then upload the file to jupyter server using API Instead of opening it in web browser
> -->Finally, Getting the output in octave CLI
> So,This also makes the Octave users to easily use this instead downloading all packages.
> So, This is my approach sir and I am a Second year student and not much known about all these but i am willing to collaborate and work on this problem and contribute to the Octave.
> I hope I get an feedback for this mail
> Thanking you,
> Suhas Patlolla

Dear Suhas Patlolla,

Please feel free to join the discussion on Discourse [1] with your ideas.

With best wishes,


[1] https://octave.discourse.group/t/jupyter-notebook-integration/939/8