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GSoC: OCS project discussion

Abdallah Elshamy

Hello everyone,

My name is Abdallah Elshamy and I am looking forward to contribute in octave during GSoC.

I started by building octave and I submitted a batch [1] to show my enthusiasm and I started filling my public application [2] (it doesn't have the topic "your task").

I am interested in OCS project. According to GSoC wiki page [3] there are four objectives for this project. I will mention them and mention my understanding of how to achieve them:

  • Objective: update the code to use modern features of Octave (e.g. classdef) .

    My understanding: we want to create classdef for: Circuit , LCR and NLC instead of using struct.

    the classes will provide setters, getters and constructors to provide the first way of setting up the circuit data structure [4]

    we will also need to modify “prs_spice” and “prs_iff” function to return classdef instead of struct to provide the second way [5] and the third way [6] of setting up the circuit data structure.

    We will also need to modify “asm_build_system” , “asm_initialize_system” , “nls_stationary” and “utl_plot_by_name” as they take circuit structure as input and add them as methods to the Circuit class.

    We will need to modify all files in inst\tst directory as they take circuit structure as input.

  • Objective: fix open bugs

    My understanding: submit patches for bugs on savannah bug tracker

  • Objective: increase compatibility with SPICE

    My understanding: according to OCS wiki [7] , the function "prs_spice" currently supports a set of "Element Cards". So, we want to increase that set to support more elements in our SuBNet Function Library (more m-scripts in inst\sbn)

  • Objective: improve compatibility with other Octave packages (odepkg, control etc).

    My understanding: this objective is vague for me but what I think regarding odepkg is that we want to use it to help us solving the ordinary differential equations that models the circuit.

if I understood anything wrong or I need to read more about some thing let me know please.

Another question I have in mind is:

Do all the objectives have to be achieved in one summer or is it okay for my proposal to cover only some of them? (I have no experience but I think that some of the objectives will be long enough for the summer if it is not the case please let me know )

Thanks for your time,